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Yayoi Kusama - visited October 10th 2018

by Natasha

Yayoi Kusama – October 10th2018

On October 10th,I visited a Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Victoria Miro in Shoreditch. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about this artist before coming to the exhibition therefore when I was met with the creations she had produced I was blown away. The first thing we visited in the exhibition was the infinity room “my heart is dancing to the universe” that she had created. This room was an overload on the senses and when first walking in you didn’t know where to concentrate your vision this was due to the fact there were mirrors all on the walls, the mirrors on the walls creates the illusion of an infinite space and therefore confuses the senses. The way in which she crated the room I think it fascinating and I particularly love the colour pallet she used, the use of primary colours makes the whole piece a lot more vibrant and playful.


y 1 .jpg











The use of pink gives off a feminine vibe, is very inviting and playful. The balls are oversized and could had aggressive connotations but the pink makes them inviting and calming.


y 2 .jpg



The emphases of a calming environment are key in this photo, the use of pastel colours to create a tranquil space is so simple but so well done. Again, highlighting the genius behind colour manipulation, the crowded space of oversized balls feels inviting and calming rather that intimidating











The colour pallet is more vibrant in this photo and creates a liverier atmosphere this is mainly created by the clashing of the colours. In this photo, you are able to see the illusion infinity effect of the mirrors, the room here looks almost daunting and it seems to go on forever. 

We then went on to see the rest of the exhibition, the main theme that I noticed as walking through the exhibition was boldness of colour she uses within her work. the exhibition itself was properly on of the most inviting and lively shows I have been too.

The pumpkin sculptures:







These yellow sculptures of pumpkins are one of my favourite pieces of the whole exhibition, there are so interactive and fun. The way that they are positioned in the room meant that you are able to walk all around them making so much more personal to the viewer. The differing sizes of poker dots on them again gives off the same illusion of space getting lager and smaller.

I think that the colour is so inviting and playful when looking at the sculpture you immediately feel uplifted.











This red pumpkin to me had immediate connotations of ladybirds but this was just an initial visual connotation, when looing deeper into the piee you realise that it is still a fun playful peace despite the fact that it is painted red. Usually when seeing a piece of art work that is painted red you have the connotations of danger but with Kusama has been able to overcome these generalised connotations by making her piece oversized and interactive with the use of poker dots.

2D paining:










This piece of wall art even though is only 2D engulfs the viewer and makes the visual experience more dynamic.

 Again, the use of the colour yellow makes it very inviting

The small indicate details on the paining make hard to focus on the whole piece at the same time, instead you are forced to look at sections of the piece at a time













These collection of 2D paintings spanned the whole length of one of the galleries walls . the vast size of these paining’s makes them almost super natural and you aren’t really able to appreciate all the paintings as one, instead like the pervious paining you have to look at the individual details.

I really love her use of bold black line to depict her patterns or characters, I makes the paintings stand out and gives them a greater depth.

The crisp details of these prints/paintings are also what drew me into them, the way in which she has created complex, jumbled pieces but that have such a defined clarity to them is a technique I want to learn and use myself.

Flower sculpture outside:










outside in the exhibition there was a collection of flower sculptures, these like most of Kusama’s work were oversized and bold in colour and print. With all of Kusama’s work these flowers immediately catch your eye and intrigue as to what they are and what their purpose is. I think that these sculptures are a perfect representation of all that Kusama’s art embodies, they are bold, fun and in your face. Whether or not you love or hate her work there is one thing that you can be sure of that’s that you won’t be able to forget her work. I think this is a really key thing about her work and would love to transfer this skill to my own work.